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1. Agents should have the basic conditions:

(1) has a certain economic strength and business credit, as well as pumps, valves sales experience;
(2) have a good sales channels and means, has a marketing capacity, will assume a regional marketing task;
(3) Financial condition and operating records and no bad debt;
(4) to accept the Party's mandate and to strictly abide by the Party of agency policy, regulations, Party A Party designated area within the exclusive agent of the products and services;

2. Agents should provide the documents:

????Agents are required to provide the profile and the various copies of all documents (business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, office specific address, valid ID, two 1-inch ID photos without hat and other related documents).

????After the South Sea Company to successfully join the franchise agents to provide power of attorney and agent information, the agents operate their own independent business, self-financing.

????If you are interested agents of the company's products, please call 18964507798 to understand the relevant issues.


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